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lieberman CPE2.jpg
During Jack Lieberman's (far right) trial in Moore auditorium after he tried to teach a course titled "How to Make a Revolution in the U.S.A." at the Center for Participant Education.

students during free sandford rally.jpg
Students marching to the Capitol to protest the arrest and trial of SDS member Phil Sanford.

Stop the war Now.jpg
Students participate in an anti-war march, carrying a banner that says "Stop the War Now."

Sanford's Innocence_front.jpg
After police officer arrested Phil Sanford during the Night of Bayonets, many students rallied in support and to protest his arrest. This flyer claims Sanford's innocence and condemns the injustice of the police officers.

tally-ho 1968 censorship.jpg
The censorship of The Legend occurred in May and sparked a passionate but peaceful student protest. This spread from the 1968 Tally-Ho includes photographs of students protesting as well as lyrics from Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'",…

candlelight vigil.jpg
Students during the May 1972 candlelight march from Landis Green to the Governor's Mansion.

anti-war demonstration.jpg
Students march through Tallahassee to protest the Vietnam War.

FSU YSA anti-war demonstration.jpg
Members of the Young Socialist Alliance partake in a campus demonstration against the Vietnam War.

effigy of marshall.jpg
In the spring of 1969, a group of SDS sympathizers performed a humorous guerrilla theater reenactment of the Night of Bayonets. Students pulled the strings of an effigy of President Marshall, mocking him as a puppet of the State Board of Regents.

tally-ho spread 1971.jpg
In April of 1971, several FSU students traveled to Washington, D.C., to partake in the Vietnam War Out Now Rally, a peaceful demonstration against the war.
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