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students during free sandford rally.jpg
Students marching to the Capitol to protest the arrest and trial of SDS member Phil Sanford.

"The Word From Westcott Lawn," written by members of the campus Grassroots Movement during the "Pig Knife" controversy, kept students updated on the politics and happenings behind the censorship.

Stop the war Now.jpg
Students participate in an anti-war march, carrying a banner that says "Stop the War Now."

Sanford's Innocence_front.jpg
After police officer arrested Phil Sanford during the Night of Bayonets, many students rallied in support and to protest his arrest. This flyer claims Sanford's innocence and condemns the injustice of the police officers.

I Support Freedom.jpg
A sticker that announces "I Support Freedom of Expression"

This page-long flyer printed by students involved in the Grassroots Movement on campus urges students to participate in the vigil on Westcott Lawn.

Printed on the morning of March 5, the front page of the Flambeau related the events of the "Night of Bayonets."

tally-ho 1968 censorship.jpg
The censorship of The Legend occurred in May and sparked a passionate but peaceful student protest. This spread from the 1968 Tally-Ho includes photographs of students protesting as well as lyrics from Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'",…

flambeau - 200 blacks confront marshall.jpg
A newspaper article describing the circumstances that led 200 black students to hold a "talk-in" in university President Stanley Marshall's office for about 90 minutes. The students gathered to demand amnesty for two black students whom officers had…

black students stage protest.jpg
Photograph of a black student holding a protest sign, "Stop Now!! Discriminatory Actions on FSU's Campus Or ELSE!!!!??" Item includes caption.
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