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The censorship of The Legend occurred in May and sparked a passionate but peaceful student protest. This spread from the 1968 Tally-Ho includes photographs of students protesting as well as lyrics from Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'",…

The kneadle_040.jpg
Published in the midst of the censorship controversy, students published this single issue of "The Kneadle." It served as an underground newspaper and only featured articles relating to current events and student activism.


"The Word From Westcott Lawn," written by members of the campus Grassroots Movement during the "Pig Knife" controversy, kept students updated on the politics and happenings behind the censorship.

This page-long flyer printed by students involved in the Grassroots Movement on campus urges students to participate in the vigil on Westcott Lawn.

I Support Freedom.jpg
A sticker that announces "I Support Freedom of Expression"
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