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Wicker Chaair Conference.jpg
Photograph shows Governor Claude Kirk sitting among a group of students and answering their questions. Includes caption: "Florida Governor Claude Kirk seated in a wicker chair talks with students at Florida State University and answers questions…

Stop the war Now.jpg
Students participate in an anti-war march, carrying a banner that says "Stop the War Now."

Stanley Marshall.jpg
The "Pig vs Freaks" football game pitted students against university staff and helped to alleviate tensions between the two groups.

Dick Gregory and Dan Sullivan.jpg
Comedian-turned-civil rights activist Dick Gregory visited FSU in 1969 and spoke to the students about nonviolent activism.

effigy of marshall.jpg
In the spring of 1969, a group of SDS sympathizers performed a humorous guerrilla theater reenactment of the Night of Bayonets. Students pulled the strings of an effigy of President Marshall, mocking him as a puppet of the State Board of Regents.

marshall with students.jpg
Despite tensions between students and university administration, President Stanley Marshall took time to speak directly with the students and hear their concerns.

J. Stanley Marshall was university president from 1969 to 1976.

John E. Champion began his presidency in 1965 and resigned in February 1969.

Jack Lieberman was one of the most conspicuous student radicals on campus, often instigating disruptive activities and constantly challenging authority. His actions earned the nickname "Radical Jack."


Students gather in protest against the Vietnam War.
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