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Students work together to help firefighters put out the fire in Westcott.

Students protesting.

Students work together to save office furniture, papers, and art from fire and water damage.

tally-ho spread 1969.jpg
Page scans of the 1969 Tally-Ho show how shocked the students were, as well as how the burning administration building seemed to symbolize the semester's troubles.

Students gather in protest against the Vietnam War.

Jack Lieberman was one of the most conspicuous student radicals on campus, often instigating disruptive activities and constantly challenging authority. His actions earned the nickname "Radical Jack."


John E. Champion began his presidency in 1965 and resigned in February 1969.

J. Stanley Marshall was university president from 1969 to 1976.

tally-ho spread.jpg
A spread in the 1969 issue of the Tally-Ho shows how frustrated the students were with the administration.

tally-ho spread 1970.jpg
A two-page spread in the 1971 Tally-Ho. The photographs and text reveal the anti-war sentiment that was growing on campus at this time.
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