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Wicker Chaair Conference.jpg
Photograph shows Governor Claude Kirk sitting among a group of students and answering their questions. Includes caption: "Florida Governor Claude Kirk seated in a wicker chair talks with students at Florida State University and answers questions…

This issue of Smoke Signals features a quiz to determine how "cool" the students were.

To All Members.jpg
President Marshall's injunction against SDS students that denied them the use of university facilities for meetings.

The legend_039.jpg
The front cover of the issue of The Legend which caused controversy with its inclusion of the short story "The Pig Knife."

The kneadle_040.jpg
Published in the midst of the censorship controversy, students published this single issue of "The Kneadle." It served as an underground newspaper and only featured articles relating to current events and student activism.


Stop the war Now.jpg
Students participate in an anti-war march, carrying a banner that says "Stop the War Now."

Stanley Marshall.jpg
The "Pig vs Freaks" football game pitted students against university staff and helped to alleviate tensions between the two groups.

This booklet lists the strict social rules and regulations that FSU administration had in place for female students. It shows how female students were extremely limited while the administration enforced in loco parentis.

Sanford's Innocence_front.jpg
After police officer arrested Phil Sanford during the Night of Bayonets, many students rallied in support and to protest his arrest. This flyer claims Sanford's innocence and condemns the injustice of the police officers.

Liberatio 4.jpg
This issue of "Liberation" is a response to the "98%: Silent Majority"
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