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Flambeau - Black Studies Course.jpg
Announcement of the new Black Studies curriculum and the list of offered courses.

Black Liberation and Class Struggle.jpg
An event flyer by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Flyer for Black Student Union Rally.jpg
A flyer announcing a rally organized by the Black Student Union.

A pamphlet written about the Young Socialist Alliance Party's platform for the FSU student government elections.

Liberation #12a.jpg
This issue of Liberation is about the Black Panther Party. It includes a quotation from and photograph of Huey Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party, an excerpt from Eldridge Cleaver's book "Soul on Ice," and writings directly from Eldridge…

flambeau - 200 blacks confront marshall.jpg
A newspaper article describing the circumstances that led 200 black students to hold a "talk-in" in university President Stanley Marshall's office for about 90 minutes. The students gathered to demand amnesty for two black students whom officers had…

black students stage protest.jpg
Photograph of a black student holding a protest sign, "Stop Now!! Discriminatory Actions on FSU's Campus Or ELSE!!!!??" Item includes caption.
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