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BSU Proposals.jpg
The proposals that the Black Student Union presented to the Faculty Senate in February 1970.

CPE - Marshall.jpg
Two clippings from the 1971 Tally-Ho that demonstrate opposing opinions of the CPE.

Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season).mp3
One of the most popular singles released by The Byrds, who visited Florida in 1970. The 1970 Tally-Ho  includes pictures from one of their shows.

lieberman CPE2.jpg
During Jack Lieberman's (far right) trial in Moore auditorium after he tried to teach a course titled "How to Make a Revolution in the U.S.A." at the Center for Participant Education.

The 1969 issue of Smoke Signals included a mock quiz for studens to take in order to discern how "cool" they were.

Breitler 1960.jpg
The front page of Flambeau on 12 February 1960 includes the article about FSU student Alan Breitler's application to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Tallahassee's predominately black university.

students during free sandford rally.jpg
Students marching to the Capitol to protest the arrest and trial of SDS member Phil Sanford.

tally-ho 1970 protests.jpg
A spread from the 1970 Tally-Ho that includes photographs of prominent events of 1969: the Night of Bayonets and the subsequent arrest of Phil Sanford.

night of bayonets - officers.jpg
A police officer prepared for the worst while outside the Student Union.

"The Word From Westcott Lawn," written by members of the campus Grassroots Movement during the "Pig Knife" controversy, kept students updated on the politics and happenings behind the censorship.
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