A collection of flyers, announcements and bulletins distributed by the university and by students.

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98%: The Silent Majority
A flyer proclaiming that the majority of students desire change within the university.

Anti-Censorship Flyer
This page-long flyer printed by students involved in the Grassroots Movement on campus urges students to participate in the vigil on Westcott Lawn.

"I Support Freedom of Expression"
A sticker that announces "I Support Freedom of Expression"

"Sanford's Innocence"
After police officer arrested Phil Sanford during the Night of Bayonets, many students rallied in support and to protest his arrest. This flyer claims Sanford's innocence and condemns the injustice of the police officers.

Marshall's Injunction
President Marshall's injunction against SDS students that denied them the use of university facilities for meetings.

The Word From Westcott Lawn
"The Word From Westcott Lawn," written by members of the campus Grassroots Movement during the "Pig Knife" controversy, kept students updated on the politics and happenings behind the censorship.

BSU Proposals
The proposals that the Black Student Union presented to the Faculty Senate in February 1970.
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