Tally-Ho Yearbook


Tally-Ho Yearbook


Pictures and words from the yearbook Tally-Ho.

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Westcott Fire in Yearbook
Page scans of the 1969 Tally-Ho show how shocked the students were, as well as how the burning administration building seemed to symbolize the semester's troubles.

Tally-Ho, 1969
A spread in the 1969 issue of the Tally-Ho shows how frustrated the students were with the administration.

Tally-Ho, 1971
A two-page spread in the 1971 Tally-Ho. The photographs and text reveal the anti-war sentiment that was growing on campus at this time.

Tally-Ho, 1971
In April of 1971, several FSU students traveled to Washington, D.C., to partake in the Vietnam War Out Now Rally, a peaceful demonstration against the war.

1968 Censorship Crisis in Tally-Ho
The censorship of The Legend occurred in May and sparked a passionate but peaceful student protest. This spread from the 1968 Tally-Ho includes photographs of students protesting as well as lyrics from Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'",…

Officer with Bayonet
A police officer prepared for the worst while outside the Student Union.

Tally-Ho, 1970
A spread from the 1970 Tally-Ho that includes photographs of prominent events of 1969: the Night of Bayonets and the subsequent arrest of Phil Sanford.

CPE Opinions - President Marshall and Senator Barrow
Two clippings from the 1971 Tally-Ho that demonstrate opposing opinions of the CPE.
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